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Hattoria, a new journal of bryology and lichenology

The first issue of this new journal was published in April 2010 by Hattori Botanical Laboratory in support of the development of bryological and lichenological sciences. Hattoria will be published annually in English and Japanese. Like its predecessor, the Journal of Hattori Botanical Laboratory which ceased in 2006, contribution articles to Hattoria will be by invitation, but unlike its predecessor, the new journal will be a thin volume focusing on short articles reporting on new and original information and discoveries in bryophyte and lichen studies.

The first number of this journal contains following articles -

"Iwatsuki, Z., H. Kiguchi & T. Suzuki
Notes on the genus Miyabea Broth. (Leskeaceae, Bryopsida ) in Japan. Pages 1-5."

"Suzuki, T. & Z. Iwatsuki
Fissidens (Fissidentaceae, Bryopsida) collections made by Mr. T. Kamiyama in South Sulawesi (Indonesia). Pages 7-23."

"Iwatsuki, Z. & T. Suzuki
What is Trematodon hakusanensis? Pages 25-29 (in Japanese)."

"Iwatsuki, Z
Type specimens of mosses located in the herbarium of Hattori Botanical Laboratory (NICH) Part 1, species from Japan. Pages 31-70."

"Iwatsuki, Z
A list of Japanese names of mosses. Part I. Pages 71-124 (in Japanese)."

The Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory (ISSN 0073-0912)

This is a journal devoted to bryology and lichenology. It is the official organ of the laboratory and serves as a medium for the publication of original research papers. The price is strictly net and will vary with each number.

New manual of bryology

Edited by R. M. Schuster

 Vol. 1, 1983, 626 pages. Price: U.S. $45.00.
 Vol. 2, 1984, 668 pages. Price: U.S. $45.00.

Illustrated moss flora of Japan

By Akira Noguchi, supplemented by Zen Iwatsuki

 Part 1, 1987, 242 pages. Price: U.S.$31.00 .
 Part 2, 1988, 249 pages. Price: U.S.$31.00 .
 Part 3, 1989, 250 pages. Price: U.S.$31.00 .
 Part 4, 1991, 241 pages. Price: U.S.$31.00 .
 Part 5, 1994, 241 pages. Price: U.S.$31.00 .

Moss flora of the Pacific Northwest

This is the paperback edition of Lawton’s Moss Flora of the Pacific Northwest which was published in 1971. It is the first comprehensive moss flora of the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana, Wyoming, and the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta through the Rocky Mountains and north to about the fifty-second parallel). It contains complete descriptions, clear original illustrations, and keys to the 544 species and 54 varieties found in the region.

By Elva E. Lawton, 1971.

 Paperback Edition i-xiv, 389 pages + 195 full-page plates, 20.5 x 29.5 cm. 1999. ISBN 4-938163-12-8. Price: U.S.$47.00

Keys for the identification of the mosses of the Pacific Northwest

By Elva Lawton, 1971

 68 pages. Price: U.S. $7.00.

Catalog of the hepatics of Japan (Reprinted from J.Hattori Bot. Lab. No.99)

By Kohsaku Yamada and Zennoske Iwatsuki, 2006

 106 pages. Price: U.S. $8.00.

Index of Hepatics 1974-2000

By M. R. Crosby and J. J. Engel, 2006

 368 pages. Price: U.S. $24.00.

New Catalog of the mosses of Japan (Reprinted from J.Hattori Bot. Lab. No.96)

By Zen Iwatsuki, 2004

 182 pages. Price: U.S. $14.00.

Methods in bryology

Edited by Janice M. Glime

 Proceedings of Bryological Metods Workshop, held in Mainz, Germany, July 17-23, 1987. 403 pages.
   Price: U.S. $20.00.

Bryophyta exsiccata (sets of bryophyte specimens)

Edited by Zennoske Iwatsuki and Masami Mizutani.

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